We have compiled dozens of additional resources for you.

Additional Resources by Chapter

Chapter 1 Resources:

  1. Changes start with us. Take a moment to reflect on your current family culture through this guided reflection sheet. Parent Reflection Sheet (PDF)
  2. Identify your parenting style: View Website
  3. Identify your child’s love language: View Website

Chapter 2 Resources:

  1. Clarifying Family Hopes and Dreams (PDF)
  2. Hopes and Dreams with Preschoolers (PDF)
  3. Tribute Letter – Creating a Shared Family Vision (PDF)
  4. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again – View Video
  5. Developing Meaningful Relationships:
    Search for: Developmental Relationships Framework at
  6. Developmental Assets:
    Search for: 40 Developmental Assets at
  7. Family Strengths:
    Search for: Family Assets Framework at


Chapter 3 Resources:

  1. Family Connection Planning Guide (PDF)
  2. Emotion Chart (PDF)
  3. Check-in Activity Sheet (PDF)
  4. Self Control Games: View Video
  5. Ground Rules Sheet


Chapter 4 Resources:

  1. Family Rules (PDF)
  2. Reset Families Expectations (PDF)
  3. Setting Behavior Expectations (PDF)
  4. Traffic Light Behavior Choices Sheet (PDF)


Chapter 5 Resources:

  1. Practice Scenarios (PDF)
  2. Self Management Repair Chart (PDF)


Chapter 6 Resources:

  1. Reset Reflection Sheets (PDF)


Chapter 7 Resources:

  1. Coming Up with Natural Consequences (PDF)


Chapter 8 Resources:

  1. Coupon Examples (PDF)
  2. Points-Based Reward System (PDF)
  3. Phone app for Rewards: View Website
  4. Reward Charts: View Website