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How Can You Make the Greatest Difference in your family in 2019. . .With Authority or Influence?

 This time of year most of us find ourselves considering some of our goals for the New Year even if we’ve sworn off resolutions.

This may seem even more important if you find yourself in a stepfamily relationship. Most people enter a new relationship with great hope of making a difference and building strong relationships with the step kids. When their greatest efforts are met with rejection, hope quickly dwindles in the face of the hurt, frustration and anger.

The Andersons of Mike and Kim Coaching offer some practical tips for stepfamilies that come from years of their own stepfamily experience and years of wisdom they have gathered from coaching others.

Check out this article “Should Step-Parents focus on Authority… or Influence? Whether you are a stepparent or not, this is great advice for building strong family relationships.

Here’s to building strong families,