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Parenting is hard work. How do you sort through all the advice, suggestions, and philosophies to find a practical system that works for your family? Reset Families is a PBIS and social and emotional learning approach that supports a variety of families in making sense of parenting by connecting them to an approach used in schools across the country. Watch Video.

Schedule training to get this program going in your community. You will leave training with: Presenter’s Manual, PPT slides, Reset Video, Parent Handbook and Reset Families: Practical Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for the Home.

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Our products were created for both the group leader and the parent or caregiver. Reset Families leaders must be certified to teach the class and will receive the Reset Families Curriculum with certification. Parents participating in the class will need the Parent Handbook. If you’d like to have the Reset Families approach at your fingertips, purchase the Reset Families Book to begin or sustain your journey toward becoming a Reset Family.