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Available Now: Reset Families Book

Dr. Sharon Aller has just released Reset Families: Practical Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for the Home.

Parenting is perhaps the most important job you’ll ever have, and it may be the hardest. The way you interact with your kids today will leave an imprint and produce results for generations. What could be more important than gaining tools to be the best parents we can be?

That’s what Reset Families is all about. You’ll walk away from this book with ideas and practical tools to help you end power struggles, have fun and build strong connections with your kids, set clear expectations, and respond rather than react when your kids make poor behavior choices. It prepares you to teach your kids the lifelong skills they need to manage their own behavior, to own their mistakes, repair the damage done, and move on. The result is a balance between relationships and accountability that builds trust and strengthens relationships.