Reset Families Book – Chapter 8 Overview

Rewards that Build Relationship & Motivate Change

Explore ways you can use rewards to motivate your kids to manage their own behavior. Learn the difference between bribes and rewards and the outcome of each. Design rewards that work effectively and discover several types of reward systems you can use in your family.


“Rewards are something given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement on the part of your child. In order to be most effective, they are discussed, planned for, and mutually agreed on in advance. This means that you have talked with your child ahead of time and have set goals together. The discussion of goals that are worth working for is the first step. The second step is considering what type of motivation in the form of a reward could be paired with that goal to make it more likely that the child will keep on the path toward the goal. A reward is a promise of what is to come as a result of the child’s commitment to the goal.”

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