Reset Families Book – Chapter 6 Overview

Restoration – Using Reset Effectively

Build on the redirection system to help your kids take responsibility for their actions and learn to make repair so that they can move on. Explore the motives of your kids’ behavior so that you can be reasonable with the repair they need to make. Learn how to walk your kids through the Reset process in a way that results in restoration. Find practical ideas for making Reset effective during the most challenging times.


“The real impact to your family comes as you balance the value of relationships with self-management and accountability. The Reset step in redirection is designed to help you find that balance. There is both accountability for behaviors and value placed on relationship when you are able to take time with your child after the frustration and storm of a behavior challenge is over. During Reset you help them reflect, take ownership of their action, make a better plan for the future and most importantly, repair the damage done by their behavior choice, so that they can move on with restored relationship.”

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