Reset Families Book – Chapter 5 Overview

Redirection: Helping Kids Manage Their Own Behavior

Learn a clear and concise response to behavior that is not meeting expectations and redirect the behavior without a power struggle. Help your kids identify and understand the consequences of their behavior. Explore the how and they why of Redirection and learn how the foundational pieces of family culture are infused into the behavior management system.


“The purpose of redirection is not to punish our kids for their behavior choices but to help them take ownership of their behavior choices and become self-managers. It can be hard to make the transition from punishment to support in our heads and in our actions when our kids are misbehaving. But if we do, we will see a big difference in our interactions with them. Rather than fixing the problem with punishment, we respond to the child’s mistakes as an opportunity for teaching them skills.”

Parent Comments:

“Reset Families has literally changed our lives. Since starting this program with my son, we have significantly reduced his behavior problems at school. It is nice not to cringe when I see the school name on my caller ID. Thank You Reset Families!”

“Reset Families concepts help you re-establish a strong, loving relationship. The tools help you shape your children’s behavior and develop the social and emotional skills they need to be successful in life.”

“Now I have a framework, a structure that works for everybody. It is easier to be consistent.”

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