Reset Families Book – Chapter 2 Overview

Creating a Shared Family Vision

Identify the values and goals you want to build toward in your family. Discover tools that prepare you to engage with your kids in activities that help you develop your shared family vision. Learn how to set healthy defaults for your kids that they reach for as a first option when they are faced with a choice. Learn how to deal with disappointment and begin again.


“Many of us develop our vision for our family, beginning with the negative. Instead of pointing toward what we want, we point out what’s wrong. It is much harder to get a picture of what we want, but that is the best place to begin to initiate change. With that picture clearly in mind, you have the motivation and roadmap to create a family culture where each person is valued, listened to and has something to contribute. A clear shared vision makes it easier to see how you can experience growth yourself and how you can support your children in gaining the skills they need to be successful adults.”

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