Reset Families Book – Chapter 1 Overview

Preparing to Lead Change in Your Family

Discover an overview of the Reset Families approach and behavior management system. Learn to create a family culture where you are able to introduce change that avoids power struggles and strengthens relationships. Imagine the change you would like to see in your family and review tools that will help you initiate and lead that change.


Though most of us pick up parenting books to try and figure out how to shape our child’s behavior, it turns out that a big part, maybe the biggest part of changing our family dynamics is about tuning in and understanding ourselves. As we begin to understand more about our wiring, our defaults, and how we currently react to our kids, we can make new and intentional choices. As we gain skills and deeper understanding, we acquire new tools and then we can begin using those tools to mold and shape our family environment, which is a big part of what will shape our children.

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